Coleman Florist, Syracuse, NY

Owner: Peter and Joan Coleman

Address: 4000 East Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY

Phone: 315-446-0862


Social Media: @syracusecolemanflorist (Facebook); @Colemanflorist

Coleman Florist is the third and last florist that I plan to feature in my pre-Valentine’s Day blog post series, which is soon coming to an end! (Hint – that means you have six days to find your Valentine the right gift!) I chose Coleman Florist for a few important reasons: quality of gift selection, commitment to service, and dedication to the wider community.

Quality is key, and you can count on that here. And Coleman is a great choice if you simply want to order flowers in-person or online, or to pick up a lovely houseplant from their on-site greenhouse. If you want a flower gift that’s longer lasting, they also offer a really cool option called the Flower Lovers Special, which delivers fresh flowers on a monthly basis. That’s a creative option if you want the flowers to keep coming.

Coleman also sells gift baskets of fresh fruit and/or gourmet food. Described in detail here, their fruit baskets are prepared fresh daily from a local fruit importer so that you know the fruit is truly fresh and delicious. There are so many places from which to order fruit baskets, but knowing that you’re getting fruit from a quality vendor is reassuring.

Coleman sells chocolates in the store and online from the Marcellus-based Chocolate Pizza Company, which was featured in my last post. They also offer customers a variety of other choices in their gift shop: silk flowers, fairy gardens, and other non-floral gifts. There are lots of options in addition to traditional flowers, and that makes Coleman stand out.

Although having a nice product selection is important, so is dedication to great service. After reading multiple reviews by satisfied customers, the consistent theme is that Coleman steps in when someone is in a pinch. The customer placed a delivery order last minute, and Coleman came through. The grocery store lost their order, and Coleman stepped up. For whatever reason, they waited until the day before the wedding to order flowers, and yet Coleman came through. That shows true dedication to satisfying customers.

Finally, Coleman stands out for caring about the wider community. I love that they offer a 10% discount to students of Syracuse University, LeMoyne College and Onondaga Community College. It’s an acknowledgement that college students usually have less spending money than employed adults, and also shows dedication to building a loyal customer base over the long term.

Coleman also has a glass recycling program that is both smart business and environmentally friendly. If you have vases sitting around that you aren’t using, make an appointment to have it evaluated in person. If they can use it, Coleman will buy your vase from you by crediting the value towards a floral order or by adding it to your account.

Parking is easy in Coleman’s lot on East Genesee Street in Syracuse, and it’s a pleasant experience to come in and look around. With their wide selection, you’ll be sure to find the right gift for your Valentine.

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