Backyard Garden Florist, Fayetteville, NY

Located at Lyndon Corners (near Dewitt Wegmans), with several parking spaces on two sides of the building

Owner: Nino Gagliano; Manager: David Valentine

Address: 6895 East Genesee Street, Fayetteville, NY

Phone: 315-445-0530


Social Media: @backyardgardenflorist (Facebook)

On a day where the temperatures are sub-zero, wouldn’t it be lovely to imagine yourself surrounded in lush, fragrant flowers? Considering that my Christmas amaryllis just died, and my outdoor thermometer says it’s currently -4 degrees Fahrenheit, the timing seems especially right for me to review Backyard Garden Florist in Fayetteville. I could use some flowers right about now!

If you are looking for convenience, their website makes it incredibly easy to order flowers. If you’re looking for something that isn’t available on the website, I recommend calling to see if they can get it. This close to Valentine’s Day, it may be necessary to pick up flowers in person (call to ask), but if you live nearby, the location is convenient and has several parking spaces, so picking up a bouquet shouldn’t be too difficult.

As I mentioned in my Whistlestop Florist post, I did not get married in the Syracuse area, and I have not planned any large events here, so I had to rely on feedback from others. I received several recommendations for Backyard Garden Florist, and have read multiple online reviews. The storefront is inviting and has a small but nice selection of garden items or flower pots.

You can read about the owner Nino Gagliano and manager David Valentine on Backyard Garden’s website’s About Us page. Clearly this is an experienced florist that pays attention to trends in design and provides a personal touch. Customer reviews are mostly glowing. The only negative review that I found was related to price, but I think that most people who are used to buying flowers at the grocery store will find a professional florist’s prices to be high. You pay for what you get, and quality florists can naturally be expected to charge an appropriate price. A few other reviewers noted that they found Backyard Garden’s prices to be comparable with other high-quality florists in the area, and my review of their online pricing confirms this for me.

If you are in the market for a wedding florist, Backyard Garden has received Wedding Wire‘s Couples’ Choice award twice, and has earned over 34 five-star reviews, which can be found on the link provided. There are multiple glowing reviews to be found on The Knot as well.

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