Diana Jewelers, Liverpool, NY

President: Betsy Palladino-Blasland

Address: Lakeshore Drive-In Plaza (Old Liverpool Road), Liverpool, NY

Phone: (315) 457-1050

Website: www.dianajewelers.com

Social Media: @diana.jewelers (Facebook)

Diana Jewelers is celebrating its 60th year in business. One reason for its success is the devotion of its owner and staff to providing great service. As owner Betsy Palladino-Blasland told me on a snowy January morning, her motto is “service, not sales,” and that’s what brings her loyal customers back. It should also be what brings you in the door if you haven’t visited. There are plenty of gorgeous items to purchase in the store (with remounted and customized options available, too – more on that later). But even if you’re on a budget, the range of prices will keep you from running away screaming.

As I mentioned in my earlier blog post on Manlius Jewelry & Repair, many people are scared of entering jewelry stores because they have had the unpleasant experience of walking in with a budget, and leaving feeling like they can’t afford anything nice. It’s a terrible feeling, but not one you will have at Diana’s.

First, I would like to focus on Diana Jewelers’ remounting service, since I think there are a number of my readers who may not know what this means. If you have old heirloom jewelry that isn’t your style, but it is still special to you (or valuable), bring it in to Diana Jewelers to see what magic they can work. Their Facebook site is filled with examples of items they have made on a custom basis using old stones and gold/silver as scrap metal to re-fashion old jewelry into something new. Using the old stones and metal will also give you a piece of jewelry that costs less than if it were purchased new because you are providing the materials.

Next, I have to feature this necklace Betsy had specially designed for those of us who love living in the Syracuse area: the Syracuse Tipp Hill Light necklace. Thank you to Betsy for allowing me to share a photo! It’s available in Sterling Silver, gold plate or 14K gold, with either genuine stones or synthetic stones, so there is a wide range of pricing on this gorgeous piece of jewelry.

By the register, I was excited to see “allergy free” earrings by Concepts for Sensitive Ears. Diana’s also carries a line of jewelry that is high quality (and therefore less allergenic) for children.

If you’re looking for a nice Valentine’s Day gift, you can find something of heirloom quality at Diana Jewelers, or you can find something from $25 on up. I did not forget the “0” – yes, only $25 and up! Their catalog is available on the website, and featured items appear on their Facebook page. I will mention a few highlights here. Off the Cuff bracelets are beautiful, inexpensive, and adjustable. There are currently several Mexican silver bracelets, earrings and necklaces available containing miniature, alpine flowers encased in glass, made by Krystyna’s Silver (handmade in Mexico). There are some lovely pendants and bracelets for sale from Belle eToile (each bracelet takes one month to make!). If you purchase an Angelica bracelet, a portion of the proceeds are donated to autism research. Currently on display near the front, you will find jewelry by Korite, which is made with Ammolite, cut from the fossilized shells of ammonites, sea creatures that lived 240 – 66 million years ago. Some other popular items for Valentine’s Day include Elle sterling silver jewelry, charm bracelets (traditional and cuff style), and items by Philip Gavriel.

For those thinking of buying an engagement ring for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, Diana’s will help you pick out something new, or sparkle up a family heirloom diamond ring, or take the stones out of old family heirlooms and create a newly designed remounted engagement ring – the possibilities are endless. And after she says yes, come back with your fianceé and have the ring resized within the day.

If you are coming from the Village of Liverpool, Diana Jewelers will be harder to see from the road, but pull into the Lakeshore Drive-In Plaza on the right. If you’re coming from the south on Old Liverpool Road, keep an eye out for it on the left in the shopping plaza. There is plenty of parking, including a few spots reserved for customers of Diana Jewelers. Enjoy your visit!

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