Hercules Candy Company, East Syracuse, NY

Owners: Steve and Terry Andrianos

Address: 720 West Manlius Street, East Syracuse, NY

Phone: 315-463-4339

Website: http://www.herculescandy.com/

If your sweetheart has a sweet tooth, and you’re looking for candy that tastes even better than it smells, check out Hercules Candy Company in East Syracuse. The variety of candy available in the store would allow you to find something for anyone, but they also take orders over the website on the Catalog page. Since two members of my family have an allergy to brown chocolate, it’s nice to be able to see all of the candies available in white chocolate so we know what to order. Favors for weddings or other parties are also available.

The Andrianos family has been making chocolate in the Syracuse area for over 100 years, and the full story is available on their “About Us” page. It’s a classic American story of an immigrant family that had a great idea, started a business, and created a local institution. As explained there, all of the candy is made by hand and with the freshest of ingredients. The nuts are roasted on site. On my most recent visit, I purchased the White Chocolate Almond Clusters, and even my daughter, who is not a fan of nuts in general, cannot get enough of these chocolates.

Occasionally, the store hosts an open house event with candy-making tours, and these are listed on their website. Formal and informal tours are also available. Formal tours should be scheduled in advance by calling the store, and informal tours are available as long as they are making candy.

If you have already been there, or if you decide to stop in, leave a comment to let me know which items you tried and what you thought. I’d love to know what to try next.

5 thoughts on “Hercules Candy Company, East Syracuse, NY

  1. I have ordered from their website a few times. I live in the Chicago suburbs and have subscribed to their YouTube channel since it’s beginning. I usually get a pound box of mixed chocolates, mostly nut clusters. I’ve had the potato chip bark, sea salt caramels, and turtles, highly recommend everything. Oh…can’t forget to mention the peanut brittle….pure heaven. I’m hoping to be able to order some hard candy soon and some more potato chip bark.


      1. You’re welcome. You will not be disappointed by the peanut brittle. I’m also hoping to catch the chocolate covered brittle in stock too…unfortunately that one sells out too fast LOL


  2. My favorite is the dark chocolate sea salt almond bark. This is my favorite gift giving go to. Sometimes I accidentally eat it and have to buy more. Worth the shipping to San Diego.


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