Manlius Jewelry & Repair, Manlius, NY

Manlius Jewelry & Repair on a snowy day in January

Owner: Lauren Masucci

Address: 131 West Seneca Street, Manlius, NY

Phone: 315-682-3124


After a few weeks of vacation, which unfortunately included some sick time (but who hasn’t had this horrible cold yet??), my blog is back for the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. Until V-Day, I will be focusing on likely Valentine’s gift locations, such as jewelry, florists, wine, chocolates, and a couple of others. For my first post of 2019, I knew exactly where to start because one of my daughter’s Christmas gifts required a specialized battery, so I stopped by Manlius Jewelry & Repair.

First, let’s talk about the “repair” aspect of this family-owned business. About 12 years ago, my in-laws gave me a beautiful necklace from a big name national jewelry chain that has multiple strands of stones interwoven. It’s completely my style, and I loved it, so I wore it all the time. Sadly, about ten years ago, one of the necklace strands snapped, sending beads flying around the room. I found a Ziploc bag and picked up all of the stones I could find, then brought it to that big name jeweler the next time I visited my in-laws. That jeweler told me the repair would be time-consuming, and it would cost more than the necklace to repair it. They actually told me not to bother. Loving this necklace as much as I do, I was unwilling to give up hope, and I held on to it.

A few years ago, I decided to try out Manlius Jewelry & Repair to see if they could fix it. The owner, Lauren, said it would not be difficult and she would have it ready within a week. True to her word, it was done in less than a week, and the cost was less than $15. Since then, I have brought several items in for repair and have never been disappointed with the quality of the work or the price. So if your special someone has a piece of jewelry that needs fixing, it would be a nice Valentine’s surprise to get it fixed up. For this reason alone, Manlius Jewelry & Repair would earn a spot as a Local Treasure. However, I can’t neglect to mention the Jewelry part of the business, which is special in its own right.

I love the selection of products in this store because it gives me the option to buy something beautiful at an affordable price. Many of the people I know shy away from jewelry stores out of fear of the cost, choosing instead to buy jewelry at other stores that they trust will be low cost. Lauren told me she deliberately tries to carry jewelry for all price ranges, and it shows. In addition, if you put your name on their e-mail list, you’ll receive notice of upcoming sales and clearance events.

One of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts came from Manlius Jewelry & Repair, and I actually bought it for myself using Mother’s Day as my excuse! It’s a purple quartz drop necklace which was about $25 at the time, and I decided I didn’t want to let it go. I wear it all the time and receive lots of compliments on it.

A number of the pieces available in the store were made by Lauren herself, including the Druzy stone bracelets on display in a glass case near the register. Lauren also carries jewelry from Glimmer Glass Gifts, designed by Julie Bigger of Sherburne, New York. There are sterling silver and stone bracelets by Stia, of New Jersey, that would make a simple but beautiful gift. Animal Rockz by Sami Fine Jewelry are sterling silver and perfect for dog, cat, or horse lovers. You can even order one in the shape of your favorite dog breed. Jewelry from ITHIL Metal Works is hand made in Israel. Lotus Sky Bracelets are a popular item made by a women-owned and operated business in Nepal. There is a nice selection of men’s watches, as well.

If you have never stopped in, be sure to check it out some time soon. If nothing else, you’ll meet the owner’s two dogs, who are friendly but not annoying, and absolutely adorable.

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