Paola Kay, Fayetteville, NY

Owner: Wendy Lee

Address: 105 Brooklea Drive, Fayetteville, NY 13066

Phone:  (315) 632-2192


My brother and his girlfriend will be visiting us from California at Christmas time. Being so far away, my brother doesn’t visit often. On top of that, this will be his girlfriend’s first visit.  As a result, I wanted to find something special and unique for each of them to make them both feel welcome. There are also several people on my holiday list for whom I’ve been having trouble coming up with the right gift. For these reasons, my travels brought me to Paola Kay today.

I know Paola Kay is able to personalize many of the items in the store, and in particular, Corkcickle water bottles. I planned to buy one for my brother’s girlfriend for Christmas. After I purchased a water bottle in a design that includes her favorite colors, the store added her first initial to the side in a lovely script in the color of my choice. (In the picture below, the gold item on the right side of the top shelf provides an example of a personalized water bottle.)

A wide variety of styles, all of which can be personalized

Apart from personalized Corkcicles, there are many other reasons why I love this store.  Friendly service is definitely at the top of that list. I walked in and was greeted with a smile, and offered a complimentary cup of coffee. And although the store is small and contains many items, it doesn’t feel cramped at all. It’s easy to wander around, peruse the items, and not feel claustrophobic.

On display, there are many items that you won’t find in other places, such as wine cups with “13066” or “13104” on the side (the zip codes for Fayetteville and Manlius), or a “Syracuse” embroidered pillow that is made in the store (below), as well as the platters and towels made for Paola Kay with a “Syracuse, NY” theme, as seen below.

The pillow is embroidered in the store, and the platter and tea towel were made for Paola Kay

Also notice the ‘Cuse coasters and cutting board in the above picture. The store has several cutting boards in a variety of shapes and sizes, which can be customized to include whatever words you wish, even family recipes, as shown below.

The third item down is personalized with a family recipe

On the shelf near the front door with the sign that reads, “Men are people, too”, there are a number of items that look appealing for the men in my life. There is a money clip with a tiny map of Syracuse pictured on it.  My brother will be getting the Headgehog, a wallet-sized comb and multi-purpose tool, which is exactly the type of gizmo he loves. There are notepads, books, watches, key chains, male-scented soaps and lotions, and a tie, among other items. My favorite toiletry item is the “Lump of Kohl” detoxifying soap. Perfect for that Christmas stocking, LOL!

In the back of the store, there are plenty of other items for those with a sense of humor.   There are several packages of napkins with funny quotes and/or pictures (i.e., “If you can’t say something nice, say it to your husband; he’s not listening anyway,” or “If you’re going to judge others, call me.”).  A couple of additional examples are shown below:

I know several people who would love one of these

In addition to all of this, there are many of the types of items you would expect to find in a gift store: jewelry, picture frames, ornaments, decorative signs, bowls, lotions, knickknacks, etc., but they aren’t items you’ll find in any run-of-the-mill store.

Another plus is that Paola Kay carries a nice variety of products that are Made in the USA. My favorite line of American-made products in the store are the money clips, bottle openers, and mini-spatulas made by MapleXO, which are crafted out of recycled skateboards and are truly beautiful pieces of art.

This store is not a place you would typically scour for bargains, but Paola Kay’s prices are reasonable and right on par with what you would expect of a high quality gift store that carries unique items. Most shoppers will find several options within their budget.  Most importantly, the items you purchase here will not fall apart on you; they will last.

Final note on every post:  Please feel free to leave a comment below.  If your comment pertains to your experience with the store, try to provide positive feedback or constructive criticism. This blog is intended to support local businesses; any complaints should be made directly to the business itself. Any posts that are threatening or contain objectionable language may be removed by the author.

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