What is Local Treasures about?

The first time I heard about Small Business Saturday, someone made an off-hand remark to me that there weren’t many small business left from which to buy.  Although small businesses are sometimes harder to find, they are still with us and fighting for survival against their gigantic competitors.  They suffer from a perception that large businesses offer better deals, when small business prices are often competitive, and sometimes even negotiable.  If you need a last-minute gift, Amazon can get it to you the next day, and in some parts of the country, on the same day.  But it’s a great experience to walk into a small store, find that “just right” gift with the help of a knowledgeable store owner, buy it immediately, and give it to your spouse, friend, or neighbor knowing that you picked it out just for them, without the help of a search engine.

To be clear, I am not opposed to big business.  I regularly shop from large businesses in addition to small ones, both online and in-person.  I have been to a store in search of a specific item, only to be told that it’s only available online, or that they don’t carry it in stock, and then turned to my Amazon app to get the item delivered to my home using my free delivery through Prime.  I love Amazon.  I love Target.  I love many big stores. But I also love small businesses, and I truly believe our communities have room for large, medium and small businesses together.  As long as we all continue to make purchases from all of them.

This blog is my effort to help promote the small businesses in my community that I wish more people knew about because they are worth visiting.  I want to highlight these Local Treasures for people who haven’t heard of them or visited them yet.  I plan to start with local gift shops because it is the holiday season, and gift-giving is the theme of the next month.  After covering several wonderful gift shops, I’ll move on to other local gems.

If you know of a great local business that you think I should visit and review, please let me know.  The purpose of this blog is to shed a positive light on businesses I call Local Treasures.  If I cannot write a positive review, it will not make it onto this site.  This site is not a place to trash people or their businesses.

Stay tuned for my first blog post.

“When we talk about ourselves, about others, or simply about things, we want – it could be said – to reveal ourselves in our words: We want to show what we think and feel. We let other have a glimpse into our soul.”
― Pascal Mercier, Night Train to Lisbon


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